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Enjoy Clean Water Peace of Mind with Help from a Plumbing Superhero

Think about it. You take steps to keep your family from getting sick by hand washing and being mindful of good hygiene. Why wouldn’t you do the same to protect your family’s health when it comes to your drinking water?

You can’t do it alone though. That’s why you need support from your plumber superhero to ensure that your plumbing is in good shape and not at risk of being contaminated. Your plumber can also support your water conservation efforts so that together you can be superheroes for the planet.

Your Plumber and You: Water Conservation

The first and easiest step towards water conservation is to call your plumber the minute that you suspect a leak. Some leaks are easy to see; some are behind the walls. Get in the habit of looking for signs of mold growth, musty odor or an unexplained hike in your water bills.

Change your own behavior around water use for more conservation. Collect water in a bucket when you are heating up the shower and use it to aid your toilet to flush (you need far less water this way). Only run your dishwasher and washing machine for full loads. Wash your produce in a container, rather than running the water.

Real Health Risks from Unclean Water

Getting sick from tainted water isn’t something that happens in faraway countries because of inadequate water treatment. It happens right here in Baton Rouge, LA, and it can be extremely serious. Unclean water is filled with toxins, harmful bacteria, and viruses.

What’s concerning is that many times unclean water looks smells and tastes a lot like clean water. You are well-advised to rely on the help of your plumber, to ensure that you aren’t at risk for water-borne illnesses.

Make Sure Your Plumbing is Safe

If you’ve got lead in your pipes, then you are at risk for having lead in your water. Lead-constructed pipes are common in older homes, which is a compelling reason to get your plumbing upgraded to PVC. Not only will you greatly diminish this particular risk, but PVC pipes are also less likely to corrode, which causes water contamination too.

For extra safety, have your plumber install a water filtration system in your home. You can choose a system that suits your lifestyle, and that is effective with the known chemical and mineral composition of source water in your area.