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A Reason To Give Thanks: Working Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposal saves thanksgiving dinner

Your Garbage Disposal Could Save Thanksgiving Dinner!

Thanksgiving is all about food and family. The time spent together around the table loaded with delicious goodies is priceless. But as anyone who has ever hosted a Thanksgiving knows, it takes hard work and lots of cooking to bring the family together. And the last thing anyone needs is a broken garbage disposal. Most homeowners don’t realize how much they rely on their disposal until something happens to it. And Thanksgiving is probably the worst time for it to happen. So read on to discover some helpful tips for a healthy garbage disposal.

Prevent Clogged Drains With a Garbage Disposal

Hands pushing food scraps into kitchen sink drain

Sinks without a garbage disposal are more likely to clog than their counterparts. This is because garbage disposals are specifically designed to break food down into pieces small enough that they won’t get stuck in the drain. Instead, they get washed away with the water and join the sewer system or septic tank.

Disposals do this without the use of blades, as is commonly believed. When a garbage disposal is turned on, a metal disc called an impeller plate spins incredibly fast, filing the food in the disposal at an outer grind ring. The grind ring has “teeth,” and when the food gets thrown up against them, it gets broken down into very small pieces. This is why there are certain things that homeowners should never put down drains.

Protect Your Garbage Disposal

Some items are just too hard to be broken down by a garbage disposal. These include bones, seeds, and shells. They will just end up rattling around or gumming up the works if they are put down a disposal. Other items are too tough and stringy to be put in a disposal. Things like celery, onion shells, and rhubarb can get tangled around the impeller plate and cause a motor burnout.

Lastly, some items do just fine in a disposal but can cause clogs in the drain none the less. These items include coffee grounds, pasta, cooking oil, grease, and oatmeal. These can clump up together and start a clog after they are washed out of the garbage disposal.

When To Schedule Garbage Disposal Repair

Man under kitchen sink repairing the garbage disposal

It can be hard to know when to call for garbage disposal repair. However, here are a few telltale signs every homeowner should know that spell issues for the disposal.

Constant Odors - When a garbage disposal continues to stink for days at a time, it may be time to call for a repair. Constant odors could mean that the “teeth” of the grinding ring are wearing down and gathering food.

Too Many Resets - When a garbage disposal has to be reset often, it’s a sign that there is something wrong with the motor’s electrical components. It’s best to call a professional in this case.

Taking Too Long - If a disposal is struggling to break down regular food items, it means that the motor may be going or the grinding ring needs replacing. Either way, it’s a job for a professional plumbing tech.

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