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Be Careful of Gas Leaks This Summer

Dangers of gas leaks

Watch Out for Dangerous Gas Leaks

Many homeowners and their families are gearing up for hot summer days. And summertime means there will be many get-togethers with extended family and friends! When dealing with large gatherings of people, it is of utmost importance to ensure adequate safety protocols. One key one to watch out for this summer is gas leaks!

Gas leaks are hazardous and potentially deadly if not handled correctly, so homeowners should take these safety protocols very seriously. Importantly, homeowners should know what gas leaks are, what causes them, and what they should do if there is a gas leak. Continue reading for all of these answers and more!

The Dangers of Gas Leaks

First off, homeowners should understand why gas leaks are so dangerous, as this will ensure that they take them seriously. Gas leaks are extremely dangerous because of the combustible nature of the gas. This means that if a flame or spark comes in contact with the leaking gas, it can lead to dangerous explosions.

Even if there is not an explosion, homeowners and their families can experience severe and possibly lethal health problems due to exposure. Asphyxia is one of the primary concerns above all else, as gas leaks can deprive the brain of oxygen when inhaled.

Many people have probably heard about the dangers of carbon monoxide, a byproduct of natural gas. Inhaling this can be extremely dangerous for very similar reasons as those described above.

Detecting Gas Leaksbad smell

Now that people appreciate the dangers of gas leaks, how can they tell if one is present? Well, there are several different strategies they can employ to detect gas leaks:
  • Install detectors - gas leak detectors, such as carbon monoxide alarms, can help warn families of leaks when there are no obvious signs
  • Sound detection - listening for whistling or hissing sounds can help people identify leaks, especially if the sounds are close to gas lines
  • Stovetop inspections - people often leave the gas running even when the flame is off, so checking this regularly when they’re not in use is important
  • Testing suspect areas - covering an area with soap and water can help with detection, as bubbling would indicate a gas leak
  • Watching out for odd smells - rotten egg smells may signal a gas leak

If homeowners notice any of these signs or have any other reason to believe there may be a leak, they should follow proper safety protocols immediately.

Safety Protocol for a Gas Leakplumbers

In the event of a gas leak, homeowners should first evacuate the house of all inhabitants. Importantly, they should NOT call for help until they are outside their home. This is because a call could potentially set off an explosion.

911 emergency help is the best first call. After that, homeowners can call for a certified professional inspector who can employ best practices to handle the gas leak. Professionals will be able to identify and solve the issue effectively and help homeowners avoid similar future problems!

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