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It's Time Mom Got To Relax on Mother's Day: Here's How!

Turn bathroom into a spa

3 Easy Ways To Turn Any Bathroom Into a Spa This Mother’s Day

The bathroom is perhaps the most relaxing place in the home, aside from a person’s bed. That said, there are always ways to improve the quality of relaxation, and this Mother’s Day is the perfect day to do so. It is safe to say that every mom deserves a relaxing day at the spa. This year, homeowners can surprise moms with the joys of bringing the spa home to their very own bathroom. 

A few simple bathroom remodeling tips aren’t expensive and can make Mother’s Day special for any mom. 

Upgrading the Showerheadshower

Chances are, it is time to upgrade the showerhead in the bathroom. Homeowners tend to go years between showerhead upgrades, and this Mother’s Day is the perfect time to treat the entire home with a new one! The great thing about technology today is that a simple showerhead upgrade can now make a world of difference when it comes to relaxing in the shower. Some showerheads can make one forget that they are standing up entirely. 

The more luxurious showerheads have air induction technology that allows for larger water droplets that stay warmer, longer. But if homeowners don’t want to spend much on a new showerhead, they can go for: 

  • LED showerhead
  • Waterfall showerhead
  • Mineral-cleansing showerhead
  • Wall tower jet showerhead 

Changes in Aesthetic Go a Long Way

If homeowners are looking to revamp the overall look of their bathroom, there are a few other aesthetic options that can set a relaxing mood. First, dark colors tend to make the room feel cozier. Homeowners might not want to paint their walls black, but black or dark-colored faucets, sinks, tiling, and accessories can go a long way.

Below are a few aesthetic ideas to help make any bathroom more relaxing: 

  • Purchase a towel warmer
  • Heated flooring/ heat lamp
  • Full-length bathtub pillow
  • Touch-sensor faucet
  • Bluetooth bathroom vent

These are just a few of the spa-like bathroom accessories and fixtures on the market today. Homeowners can make Mother’s Day special this year with just one of these items!

Installing Smart Lights lights

Smart lights are another great way to make a home bathroom feel more like a spa. Smart lights make it easy to have low, relaxing lighting in the middle of the night, so those in the household don’t have to turn on the overhead light. This makes a world of difference for relaxation and comfort! 

There are so many ways homeowners can make their bathrooms more relaxing this Mother’s Day. Hopefully, the above-stated tips gave homeowners some good ideas!

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