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Keep the Showers Hot During the Colder Months

How to Tell the Water Heater Is About to Fail 

The water heater may be the most important appliance in commercial and residential settings. Water heaters are widely used to provide hot water for washing dishes and clothes. When water heaters fail, homes and businesses can grind to a halt until service is restored, so it makes sense to take some time to ensure they are up to the task. 

When water heaters fail, they usually give some signs that something is wrong. Recognizing the signs can mean the difference between some very uncomfortable showers and a nice, warm winter bath. According to local water heater repair specialists, here are the top signs that water heaters are faltering. 

Problems with the Water Temperature temperature

The first sign that a water heater is having trouble can be summed up by saying it is having temperature issues. Temperature issues can manifest in ways like:

  • The water temperature is too low
  • Water temperature fluctuates from day to day
  • Inadequate volume of hot water during showers or dishwashing

Problems with the temperature always indicate that water heater repairs are needed. Usually, the heating element or gas burner is to blame, and one will need the replacement of the offending part. However, a water heater that has been neglected can collect large amounts of sediment that interfere with water heating in the tank. This is usually the cause of hot water volume issues in a water tank. 


Leaks or Visible Rust Around the Tank 

Water and metals don't mix well. Most often, when water comes into prolonged contact with metals, especially metals containing iron, corrosion will result. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to see that this is a problem when water tanks are constructed out of steel. 

Water heaters are armed with several pieces of technology that help them combat the corrosive effects of water. However, these defenses wear down over time, and the water heater tank could succumb to rust. When that happens, leaks will be visible in and around the water heater. 

Leaks can happen in the water tank or connections near the tank. One can usually repair connections near the tank, while leaks within the tank usually require water heater replacement. If leaks are noticed, it's a serious issue that requires a professional eye immediately. 

Water heater leaks can be caused by a connection issue or problem with the tank. Share that leaks can be easy for experts to fix, but if the tank has a crack or has eroded too much, replacing the water heater may be necessary.

Age of the Unit 

After about 10 years in service, the defenses of a water heater are worn down, and time starts to take a toll on the unit. Due to this undeniable and unavoidable fact, the age of a water heater is a great indicator of its reliability. Once a tank reaches 10 years of age, homeowners will notice more problems that require more repairs. Around this time, scheduling water heater replacement is always a good idea before something catastrophic happens. 

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