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That's No Ghost - It's a Water Heater in Distress!

Sounds that indicate a broken water heater

Listen for Sounds That May Indicate a Broken Water Heater!

Summer is over, and fall is about to be in full swing. This means that Halloween is fast approaching. Children will be preparing their best Halloween trick-or-treat outfits, homeowners will be purchasing candy, and people all around will be hanging up Halloween decorations. Ghosts and goblins will be out to play, and mischief will most certainly be on the rise. There may be some spooky sounds, but there are some other sounds that homeowners will not want to mistake.

Certain specific sounds may occur in the home, which is of particular importance for homeowners to identify. This is because they are often associated with water heater issues, so if they occur, homeowners will want to hire a water heater service right away.

Screeches and Hisses

One of the first sounds that might indicate an issue with the water heater is scratches or hisses. These may result for many reasons, but one of the most common reasons is a leak. If there is a leak in the water heater, then the hissing is likely the sound of steam getting released.

It is also possible that there could be an issue with the valves in the water heater. That is, it is possible that the valve is broken or not opening all the way. Regardless, this will often lead to a screeching sound that will be unmistakable. The sounds will likely persist, so homeowners should take them very seriously.

Rumbles, Pops, or Crackleswater tank

The next category of sounds that may signal that water heater repairs are in order includes rumbles, pops, or crackles. As with the screeching and hissing, there are different explanations for why this would occur. However, the most common explanation is that there has been excessive sediment buildup in the water heater tank.

Generally, if homeowners get regular water heater maintenance, professionals will flush their water heater tank. This essentially removes the sediment that has built up since the last maintenance check, and this helps to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the water heater. Thus, the best way to avoid these types of sounds is to get regular maintenance checks.

Ticks or Humsvalves

Lastly, homeowners should be sure to listen for ticking or humming coming from their water heater. There are a couple of different explanations for this. For one, if a heating element component is loose, this can result in humming, even if the water heater continues to operate.

As for ticking, homeowners should consider the possibility of an issue with the check valves or heat traps. It is possible that these components can and will make sounds during the heat expansion process, but if there is persistent ticking, then this may indicate damage in one or both of these components. To be sure, homeowners should hire professionals to check their water heaters for any potential damage and make repairs as needed.

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