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Are You Ready for Spring? Don’t Forget these 4 Outdoor Plumbing Tasks

Ready to roll for spring? This is the season to shake off the winter doldrums and get your home ready for the warmer temperatures and greater watering needs of your lawn and garden.

In order to keep your yard hydrated and your water bills down, you need to take some time in advance of the season to tend to minor repairs and leak detection.

It’s all about taking care of your outdoor plumbing so that it will take care of you. Here is what you need to know

Cleaning Gutters

Don’t get too far into the spring without giving your gutters a good once-over. It’s common for trees and branches to get stuck in there, which can mean trouble for your roof.

When rainwater can’t reach the downspouts, it pools on your roof, which can cause leaks right into your home. That can also cause mold growth.

While this is a worry, you can eliminate the problem by cleaning the gutters out.

Check the Faucets

See if you’ve got plumbing problems with your outdoor faucets is pretty low-tech. Turn them on and off and see if water appears in areas that it shouldn’t.

To detect if there is a leak further down in the pipeline, place the palm of your hand over the spigot. Turn it on. If the force of the water spray knocks your hand, then you are ok.

If the water pressure is too weak, that is a sign that you have a leak to deal with.

Manage the Sprinkler System

Before the full summer heat arrives in Baton Rouge, LA, you should check your sprinkler system for leaks, so that your lawn and garden don’t have to go without much-needed moisture.

If there has been a leak in your water line, you’ll see sunken patches, bubbling water, or wide swaths of dead grass. Check the valve boxes for moisture. They should be dry, so if you see moisture, call a plumber.

See that the batteries are fresh in the regulator and that the timer is appropriately set. You likely don’t need to water every day. Water in the evening or early water to minimize evaporation.

Replace Hoses

Don’t just assume that your old garden hose is good to go for the season. They are made of rubber, which means that they break easily.

Even a small break in the rubber will leak a lot of water, which is going to raise your bills. If you follow this easy plan, your outdoor plumbing will be good to go for you all season long.