Reliable Kitchen Plumbing Services in Baton Rouge

If you’re experiencing an issue with your kitchen plumbing, just call 225-372-2444 and get high-quality repair and installation solutions to a variety of issues from the experts at Cajun Maintenance.

Your kitchen sees more use day-to-day than many of the rooms in your home; it’s where you cook and prepare meals, wash dishes, entertain, and spend time with your family and loved ones. That’s why the plumbing experts at Cajun Maintenance make helping you solve your kitchen plumbing issues a top priority.

Planning to install a new gas stove or other appliance? Work with our Baton Rouge gas line installation pros to ensure the work is done safely.

Are You Having Issues With Your Garbage Disposal?

Many homes in East Baton Rouge Parish have garbage disposal units installed in their kitchens. These systems are located inside of your sink’s drain and are tasked with shredding large pieces of food and debris so that they can be safely washed away.

However, because these units see heavy levels of use they can begin to wear down and experience problems, which can include:

  • Blades are jammed: If too much hard waste is being shredded it can damage or wear down the blades so that they aren’t as effective.
  • Faulty seals: Jams often require professional assistance to solve, and it’s important to rely on qualified experts who can ensure that no damage comes to your sink or counter.
  • Your unit won’t turn on: If your garbage disposal doesn't turn on, don’t put your hand inside the unit to try and fix it! Call for professional assistance.

When Should You Replace Your Faucet or Sink?

Faucets will eventually wear out due to extended use, causing it to leak or not open or close as efficiently as it once did. While this may not seem like a pressing issue, leaking water can cause mold to form inside or underneath your counter, so it’s important to call for service as soon as you notice a leak. Additionally, while most homeowners choose to update their sinks to reflect the changing look and feel of their kitchen, a broken seal flange is a common issue that should be remedied by replacing the sink.

Keep your kitchen drains working properly with timely drain cleaning services by the plumbers Baton Rouge trusts most.

Work With Experts Who Care

  • Personalized solutions to suit your needs: There are never any one-size-fits-all solutions when you work with us. We listen to your concerns and recommend the most cost-effective solutions that meet your specific needs and budget.
  • Trusted local professionals: As a local, family-owned business we know that it’s important to work with a team you can trust to look after your family. We understand the unique plumbing needs of East Baton Rouge Parish residents and ensure your safety and comfort with every job.

Call 225-372-2444 today and enlist the help of a team of qualified plumbing experts in Baton Rouge, LA, and East Baton Rouge Parish to keep your kitchen plumbing in top shape.