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Tankless water heaters are modern units that are growing in popularity thanks to their compact size and energy efficiency. With all the benefits that come with installing one of these systems, it’s no wonder that so many of our customers in Baton Rouge, LA, and the surrounding areas in East Baton Rouge Parish have been asking to have them installed in their homes. At Cajun Maintenance we are more than happy to help install and maintain them for you.

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How Do Tankless Units Work?

Tankless water heaters do exactly what it sounds like. They heat your water but they don’t have a traditional holding tank, so they heat the water "on-demand" as it passes through the system. This means that instead of burning fuel 24 hours a day to store and heat a reserve of water, tankless units are only in operation precisely when you need them.

For this reason, they’re often referred to as “on-demand” units, and because they are only in operation for a fraction of the time than a traditional, tank-based unit, they use significantly less energy.

Other Benefits of These Systems

Other reasons that many homeowners are opting for these systems include:

  • Lowered energy costs: You can start saving immediately after installing your new system.
  • Increased efficiency: Since these units use less energy for each use, you can easily reduce your carbon footprint.
  • No need for a tank: Fewer parts mean fewer things can break down and malfunction, so your unit will work properly for longer than a traditional model.
  • Great for small spaces: Because these units are compact and don’t need extra space for a storage tank, they are great for smaller homes, or homes with limited storage space.
  • Long lifespans: Tankless water heaters tend to last a minimum of 20 years without the need for major repairs and servicing.

Still not sure whether to install a conventional water heater or go with a tankless system? Call and ask our plumbers for expert guidance.

Why Work With Our Plumbing Experts?

  • Enjoy personalized service: We know that no two homes are alike and that every customer has unique needs and budget requirements. This is why we specialize in customizing a plan for each of our clients.
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  • Fast response times: We work around your schedule and will make an appointment at the time most convenient for you.

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