Baton Rouge Main Water Line Services

When you have trouble in your main water line, it’s essential that you hire the most experienced plumber to repair the issue right the first time. That’s why residents in Baton Rouge, LA call Cajun Maintenance.

Trouble in your home’s main water line means trouble for your whole plumbing system. That’s why experience counts when calling a plumber for repairs. Here in Baton Rouge, LA, residents trust Cajun Maintenance over and over for main water line repair and replacement, and all of their residential plumbing needs. Put our number in your contact list, and remember to call us when you need the jobs done right the first time.

A water leak can cost you hundreds of dollars in wasted water. Contact us for our water leak detection service today.

Signs You Need Water Main Repair

Most plumbing problems involve a single pipe; however, it may be the main water line that’s giving you headaches. Here are the primary symptoms that come with the main water line troubles.

  • Puddles in the Yard: If there is a leak in the main water line, you may notice pooling water in your yard or overly lush areas. Call for help as soon as you see this issue.
  • Reduction in Water Pressure: If you’ve always had strong water pressure, but now find that it’s getting lower and lower, it could be a blockage or leaking main water line.
  • Foundation Cracks: Constant moisture around your home’s foundation leads to water damage such as cracks. If you don’t deal with this problem ASAP, it could lead to a compromised foundation.
  • Water Gurgling: Whenever you hear water gurgling coming from your toilets, sinks, or drains, it could be something wrong with the mainline.

Unlike many plumbing issues, the main water line repair is best left to experienced professionals. Call us for help today.

When You Need Main Water Line Replacement

Most Baton Rouge residents don’t give a second thought about their main water lines, but it's a crucial part of your home’s plumbing system. As the main pipe in which water flows into the home, it undergoes constant use. Trouble in your main water line disrupts service throughout the home and can cause major property damage if not fixed promptly.

Because the main water line is often underground, it’s difficult to see where the problem lies and if there’s a problem at all. Out of sight, out of mind is most people’s attitude toward these water lines, that is, until something goes wrong. At Cajun Maintenance, we have over a decade’s worth of experience in water line leak repair and other water main issues here in Baton Rouge, so you can count on us to fix the problem quickly.

For stubborn drain clogs, ask about our hydro jetting service.

Why Cajun Maintenance?

Some plumbing problems put you and your family at risk, which is why you need a dependable, trustworthy plumber to get you out of common plumbing pickles. It’s our experience, dependability, and commitment to customer satisfaction that many residents here in Baton Rouge, LA count on time after time. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, fast response times, and upfront pricing so you always know what the cost will be before we begin working.

If you need main water line repair or main water line replacement, remember the experts at Cajun Maintenance and call 225-372-2444.