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Complete a 4th of July Party With These Plumbing Tips

One of the best things to look forward to on the 4th of July is a party before the fireworks. Friends, relatives, sparklers, and good food make for a lot of planning. Unfortunately, it’s the things we don’t plan for that can turn the mood of a party. Plumbing issues are one of the things that we don’t plan for.

Unfortunately, with all the added guests, food, and plumbing use, chances are you might run into issues if you don’t know how to prevent them. Luckily, we’re here to prevent any problems from happening during your celebration of Independence Day, by putting together a few plumbing tips that can help you and your guests.

Don’t Let Everything Down Your Sink

The kitchen is one of the most common areas to talk about and have fun while preparing food for the bbq. Considering how many guests you’ll have, this will mean a bigger mess to clean up and less control over what’s going down the sink.

It can ruin a party if someone is washing the dishes and the kitchen sink begins to clog from the leftover bits of food and grease. A plumbing tip to prevent this and save your pipes from the stress would be to install a grease trap.

A grease trap will catch all the bits of food, grease, and fats that are rinsed down the drain. It’s a small box designed to attach to your pipes for such instances. This will prevent your pipes from clogging up and causing a backlash up and into your sink.

Avoiding Toilet Clogs Isn’t Impossible

A toilet clog is another plumbing issue to consider. Every guest will need to use the bathroom at least once on this occasion so it’s better to plan ahead. Make it so each of your toilets has a plunger nearby.

No guest wants the embarrassment of telling their host that they accidentally clogged the toilet and the water is now flowing over the floor.

Least of all, you as the host, won’t take pleasure in needing to clean it up. As far as parties go, this could make it a memorable moment in a very awkward way.

Always Know Where Your Shutoff Valve Is

Your next best friend and a great plumbing tip are to know where your shutoff valve is. Not every toilet’s problem can be solved with just a plunger. Your guests will reach for the plunger first but they may not be quick enough to stop the inevitable. If a toilet is going to have a problem, water damage is going to be your main concern.

A shutoff valve can be turned off by using your fingers or a wrench, depending on the design. It’s usually placed at the end of the small line that leads to the wall. Turn it clockwise and it’ll turn off the water supply to the toilet.

A 4th of July party should always be remembered by great tasting bbq and the sight of fireworks in the sky. It should never be remembered by a flooded floor from a sink or toilet. If you’re having guests over and you’re concerned about any plumbing issues, set up an appointment with our local plumbing experts. We’ll be happy to assist you with any concerns you might have and set a plan to avoid any unsightly plumbing issues from ruining your party.