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Decoding Hydrojetting Costs

Chances are, you’re not simply curious about drain cleaning solutions. Actually, chances are far better than you are experiencing some sort of plumbing issue like overflowing toilets, slow drains, or low water pressure.

If this assumption is correct, you’ve come to the right place. We have all the information you need on drain cleaning and the possible solutions you’ve been considering. Keep reading for more information!

The Whats & Whys of Hydrojetting

If you’re not familiar with the plumbing world, you might not know what we’re referring to when we say hydro jetting--or maybe you just think it's some expensive service that we sell to make more money.

To put it simply, hydro jetting is pushing water through a small opening in a nozzle at a high pressure to blast away clogs, debris, and contaminants. Although simple, this process has a number of benefits associated with it.

Oftentimes, people assume that a plumber will use a drain snake to remove a clog. It is a fair assumption but not necessarily correct. Drain snakes only work if the clog is within reach of the tool and, unfortunately, this tool doesn’t remove the buildup that has formed on the pipe walls. Another option homeowners will turn to is store-bought cleaner. This could be a detrimental decision due to the fact the main chemical used is lye.

Lye has been used for years in soaps and detergents and is still used in some (but in far lower concentrations.) Because lye is so abrasive, it can definitely break up clogs within your drains… but it can also dissolve pipes, damage the environment, and potentially burn the skin, eyes, or lungs of anyone that comes into contact with it.

Hydro jetting uses water; plain, safe, and effective water. By choosing hydro jetting, clogs, debris, buildup, sludge, contaminants, and even tree roots will be completely removed. Since this process actually CLEANS the walls of your pipes, there will be nothing for new clogs and contaminants to stick to for a long time. This means that you will have uninterrupted water pressure, proper drainage, and no overflowing toilets to contend with.

The Surprising Price of Hydrojetting

Believe it when we said that hydro jetting is the most cost-effective drain cleaning service you can choose. We recommend it because of the many benefits and safety, but the cost (or lack thereof) can be a factor in choosing this form of drain cleaning.

The truth is, that the cost of hydro jetting depends greatly on the severity of the clog and the type of drain being cleaned. However, prices can start as low as $150 for a relatively stubborn problem.

As mentioned above, you should keep in mind that once your drains have been hydro jetted, you likely won’t have to have another drain cleaning for a couple of years.

The Best Plumber For The Job

The Baton Rouge area is home to a number of plumbing companies but there should be only one that you trust in your home and to clean your drains!

At Cajun Maintenance we are happy to be that company. Our technicians are constantly being trained on the newest plumbing techniques, putting your home in the best of hands.

Our knowledge doesn’t come at a premium price, either--we strive to use fair and honest pricing to keep our customers from ever feeling ripped off. Call today for your drain cleaning appointment!