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Easy Ways to Prevent Clogs This President’s Day

President’s Day means more than a day off. It’s a time to recognize and pay respect to the 45 men who have served as President of the United States of America. President’s Day is not just about honoring the current President; rather, it’s recognizing and paying homage to the 44 who became before him, and the rich history of the United States and the battles fought under the Commander-in-Chief to defend our freedom and liberties.

President’s Day is a celebration of American history; an opportunity to honor our country’s past and present. So, how do Americans celebrate? Typically, we gather together and share food. When we’re sad, we eat. When we’re happy, we eat even more. President’s Day is the time for barbecues (weather permitting), baked goods, deep-fried dishes, intricate pasta dishes, steamed seafood, cold salads, gorgeous desserts, and more.

Your best ally on President’s Day? Cajun Maintenance - here to keep your drains clean, prevent clogs and assist you with the installation of food disposals to keep your kitchen sink clean, efficient, and working wonderfully.

A Formidable Enemy: Clog Prevention

No matter where a President’s Day celebration is held, the kitchen is the hub where the action takes place. While cooking some succulent, aromatic, and completely delicious pork, did you accidentally forget to let the grease cool and pour it down the drain, inadvertently causing a kitchen disaster?

Was it bacon - a drain’s worst nightmare? Fats and oils have no place going down your drain, and yet, they have a tendency to get there from time to time. Oh boy. Clogged drains? Stopped up sink? Don’t panic!

Cajun Maintenance has the expertise needed to save the day and keep your President’s Day get-together going smoothly. Thorough drain cleaning is our specialty. Our work is done thoroughly, yet carefully. We do not use caustic chemicals that will cause damage to your pipes.

We also work quickly, quietly and discreetly, so as to not disturb you and your guests. In no time, your drain will be immaculately clean and in impeccable condition. Clogs will be easily avoided in the future as there will be nothing within the drains that food might otherwise potentially become stuck on; your pipes will be clean, smooth, and clog-free. Disaster averted.

Watch Out, Food Scraps: Garbage Disposals Can be Easily Installed

Does your kitchen sink lack garbage disposal? This is common among older houses in need of upgrading. For various reasons, many homeowners are apprehensive about installing garbage disposals.

However, there are many compelling reasons to have a professional plumber, such as Cajun Maintenance, to install a disposal in your kitchen sink. To say that it will make your life easier would be a gross understatement.

Here are a few important reasons to consider installing a disposal:

  • Disposals demolish food scraps, thus lightening the load of crushed up food for your pipes to process, thereby extending the life of your pipes.
  • Disposals are surprisingly affordable, including installation.
  • A disposal reduces the amount of time it takes to do your dishes.
  • Foul odors caused by decaying foods that build up in your sink are greatly reduced, if not entirely eliminated.
  • Less food winds up going to the landfill.
  • Disposals are easy to clean, thereby extending the life of the disposal unit.
  • Disposals are safe to clean and adjust, as long as appropriate safety measures are followed (starting with turning the power off).

Your Drain Cleaning Solution

As mentioned in “Clog Prevention” above, hiring a professional to clean out your drains is a smart investment. Using harsh chemicals like Drano can actually cause more harm than good, considering the caustic chemical content of such cleaning products.

Additionally, professional contractors have special tools used to thoroughly clean drains, remove any gunk that may have accumulated, and easily dislodge any stubborn clogs.

Even if you are extremely careful with what you put down the drain, clogs are an eventual inevitability. While you may be able to temporarily dislodge a clog yourself, the odds are, you will soon be dealing with a backed-up sink again.

Calling a trusted professional, such as Cajun Maintenance, will save you a lot of time, energy, and effort in the long-run. We make sure you can enjoy your cookouts and a healthier plumbing system that will keep your home happy and comfortable for years to come!