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Homeowner’s Tips for Summer Fun While Being Water Conscious

It’s the peak of the summer season, and you’re now thinking of ways to help your kids enjoy a fun summer. With water conservation a priority for many, it can be difficult for some families to find environmentally-friendly games they can play outside while conserving their water use.

In this latest post, we’ll present a few tips for having fun in the summer while being conscious of how you use your water.

Play the Jump Water Game While Watering Plants

The jump water game involves placing a hose over the garden and allowing the stream to run across in the air. The goal is to jump over the stream as the stream is moved higher and higher by the person controlling the hose.

This fun game can still be enjoyed by the environmentally-conscious family. You simply have to ensure that the water from the hose reaches your flowers and plants and that the hose is moved when one area of your lawn has been watered sufficiently.

Play Games on Dry Days

When using the hose or the sprinklers for outdoor water games, make sure that you only use the systems when there have been several days without rain. This will help to ensure that you’re using the water to keep your lawn healthy and green during those dry periods of the summer.

Try to find other ways to enjoy the outdoor space if there has been a period of rain in recent days.

Play with Sponges Instead of Water Balloons

Water balloon fights have been a traditional summer activity for generations. But if your children have water fights regularly, you should know that they are wasting considerable amounts of water over time. You can cut down on your water usage this summer by asking that kids play with sponges rather than water balloons.

The sponge holds its moisture over time, eliminating the need to continually soak it with fresh water. If your children really enjoy water balloon fights and you want to give them a treat this summer, try to only fill the balloons part of the way. It’s the ideal time to begin conserving your water usage this summer.