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3 Plumbing Problems That Can Spoil Outdoor Summer Fun

Outdoor summer fun

Watch Out for These Outdoor Plumbing Issues That Can Ruin Summer Plans

Summer is the time of year when the backyard gets the most use of the whole year. Parties, cookouts, games, playing with the dog - there are plenty of things to do to enjoy the warm weather while it’s here. Unfortunately, there are nearly as many things that can ruin that fun. Many homeowners are caught off guard by outdoor plumbing problems that ruin summer fun and cost a ton of money to fix. So read on to discover ways to deal with these common outdoor plumbing issues. 

Damaged Sprinkler Systemsprinkler

Most yards require a sprinkler system for proper maintenance. It’s hard to get nice lush grass without watering the lawn from time to time. And doing it manually is usually just a little too time-consuming. But there are certain drawbacks in the event of a break or malfunction. 

One common issue is an underground irrigation line breaking. This happens because of tree roots growing too close, ground shifts, or just old piping. And if this does happen, it can flood a portion of the (or the entire) yard. Most homeowners can handle this issue themselves by digging down to the break and replacing the broken length of pipe. Other sprinkler issues may require the help of a trained plumber. 

Hose Bib Issueshose

Hose bibs are the official term for outdoor water spigots. Most homeowners think of these in the winter when they’re under threat of freezing, but they usually don’t get a second thought in the summer. Unless, of course, they start leaking. 

Homeowners should check for leaking water around the hose bibs or wet spots in the concrete or brick around them. These can indicate leaks that one should address as soon as possible. Sometimes these leaks can get so bad that they can cause damage to the foundation by wetting the ground around it and causing the home to shift. And, of course, they can cost lots of money just on the water bill over time if they’re allowed to continue leaking. 

Sewer Line Damage (The Worst!)

One of the worst things that can happen with outdoor plumbing is a sewer line leak. Depending on where the sewer line is located, the damage will vary. That said, a damaged sewer line needs to be addressed very quickly to prevent extensive damage. 

When the line breaks under the yard, it can cause the yard to become soaked with sewage, making it smell bad. A small leak may cause spots of lush green glass while other areas of the yard look normal. If the line breaks under the driveway, it can cause the concrete to shift, cracking the driveway, which will cost no small amount of money to fix. Homeowners who suspect they have a broken sewer line should contact a professional plumbing company right away. 

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