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Creative Ideas to Spoil Dad for Father's Day

Gifts to spoil dad on fathers day

Let Dad Relax on His Special Day 

Dads wear a lot of hats around the home, figuratively speaking. For many dads, one of those hats is probably the lead home maintenance technician. He works hard to ensure that drains and toilets stay flushing, but all that extra work can wear him out. 

On Father's Day, most people think about tools or gadgets to get dad to make his jobs around the house a little easier. Wouldn't it be easiest to have someone come by and help him catch up on all the little things he's been meaning to get to?

This Father's Day, help dad relax with creative gifts and knock a few things off the to-do list. Here are some ideas from local plumbers that can help him accomplish his goals and simultaneously make his home more relaxing. 

Easy Showerhead Upgrades

showerBeing in the bathroom can sometimes be the only peace a dad can get. Maximize his alone time by making his shower an oasis where he can relax. Upgrading the showerhead is an easy and cost-effective way to do just that. Look for showerheads like: 

  • Rain Showerheads: These mimic the feel of natural rainfall during a shower. The relaxing pace of the falling water can help dad relax while he washes off the residue of all of his other work. 
  • Bluetooth Showerheads: Speakers can pipe in his favorite music or talk radio to help him chill out while he gets cleaned up. 
  • Low-flow Showerheads: Low-flow showerheads reduce water usage so he can save on water bills. Install these in any bathroom where he nags family members for taking too long showers. 

Think About the Plumbing Dad Uses Most 

Dads can be sticky and stinky people. Among all the DIY work that dad does, like mowing the lawn or working on the car, most of his hobbies require some excess cleaning, so he doesn't bring his hobbies back to the house when he's done. If he doesn't already have his mudroom or garage sink, installing a new sink can give him a convenient place to clean up after his chores. 

If he does have a place to wash up before he comes inside, think about ways to upgrade that area to make it easier to use. A touchless faucet can be a great addition, so he doesn't soil his fixture by touching it with dirty hands. Even if he has to wash up in the kitchen, a touchless faucet can do the trick. 

Schedule a Plumber to Fix That Leaky Faucet

leakDads hate wastefulness, and leaky faucets are their perfect nemesis. Not only do they waste water and money, but they also take the time that he doesn't have to get them repaired. Why not take care of that for him by scheduling a plumber to come out and knock out a few small repairs for him. 

What would take him hours between finding tools and running to the hardware store, a plumber can knock out in one trip. By saving dad's water and helping him do some chores, families can free him up to enjoy his special day. 

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