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Plumbers Talk About the Most Common Emergencies

Handle a common plumbing emergency

How To Handle Common Plumbing Emergencies

Dealing with an overflowing toilet or a burst pipe is a stressful emergency that some homeowners will inevitably have to deal with. Learning how to deal with them quickly can prevent an already stressful situation from compounding into a disaster. Instead of worrying about a plumbing emergency, homeowners should arm themselves with knowledge about plumbing emergencies so they can have the confidence to handle them if they arise. 

To start the education process, take a moment and read some advice from local plumbers. These plumbers share information about the three most common plumbing emergencies they see in the field and how homeowners can deal with them or prevent them altogether. 

The Dangers of Overflowing Toiletstoilet

The plumbing emergency that tops the list of common plumbing problems is an overflowing toilet. Walking into a bathroom and seeing a toilet spill water across the floor is a shocking sight. Most commonly, overflowing toilets spill freshwater across the floor, but in some cases, toilets can spew sewage over the floor as well. 

Overflowing toilets are often caused by clogs that don't allow water and waste to be flushed. As the toilet attempts to flush, the water in the tank spills out over the floor. The first step is to shut off the fill valve at the wall to stop the water from spilling out. Attempt to keep the water from damaging anything by corralling it with towels. Once the water stops flowing, plunge the toilet to see if the blockage is removed. If that doesn't do the trick, plumbers can remove the toilet and deal with the clog. If clogs are common, they may recommend replacing the toilet. 

Stopping a Sewage Backup

Sewage backups are similar to overflowing toilets. A backed-up sewer can be even more disgusting than an overflowing toilet and more dangerous. As sewage fills bathtubs or spills out of drains, the people in a home can become exposed to dangerous pathogens

Routine drain cleaning can prevent drains from becoming so blocked. During a routine drain cleaning visit from a plumber. Pipes will be cleaned so that wastewater can efficiently flow away without clogging. 

Dealing with Burst Pipespipe

The most dangerous plumbing emergency on the list is a burst pipe. Freshwater pipes in the home carry water under high pressure. When pipes burst, they can quickly flood an entire home, doing damage to walls and flooring and requiring lots of remediation to be done to prevent additional problems like mold infection.  

Burst pipes are a common consequence of outdated plumbing. Updating plumbing that is old or that has frequent problems can prevent pipes from bursting. Additionally, installing pressure regulators and having them checked periodically by a plumber can prevent pressure from building up inside pipes. 

To further prevent burst pipes, be sure to take precautions like:

  • Preventing pipes from freezing
  • Don't plant trees near water main lines
  • Ensure all new piping is installed by professional
  • Protect pipes from mechanical damage

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