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Signs That a New Water Heater Should Be on the Holiday Wish List This Year

water heaters will overwork over time

Tips To Identify a Faulty Water Heater

Most water heaters need replacing every five to fifteen years since old water heaters tend to lose function as they age due to a few reasons. They often collect sediments that rest at the bottom, which reduces the water heater's heating efficiency. When this happens, homeowners can expect a lack of hot water and an increase in heating time. 

Evaluating a water heater can be quite ambiguous without knowing what to look for. Plumbers are certified, licensed, and experienced to assess situations and can do so with ease. Like a doctor diagnosing a patient, a good plumber can troubleshoot a plumbing system, especially because there are many clues they look for when identifying an outdated water heater.

Outdated and Aged

water heater

Old water heaters will often rust. Homeowners can identify faulty hot water by paying attention to the way their hot water runs. Rusty water heaters will discolor the water and may even create an offsetting metallic taste. If a water heater has remained maintained since installation, homeowners can often find a manufacturing label with a serial number that includes an installation date. By looking up the water heaters manufacturing code, homeowners can accurately date their water heater. 

Age alone is not an indicator of replacement necessity. However, if a homeowner observes any discrepancies in their hot water supply, it is recommended to replace the water heater immediately. The companies that genuinely care for their clients will offer coupons for water heater repairs and replacements and visit as soon as possible. 

Damages To Storage Tanks

Homeowners who keep their water heaters well maintained avoid detrimental issues that often occur when water heaters go unchecked. If an old water heater's warning signs are ignored, they can worsen and physically damage the water heater. As mentioned, old water heaters collect sediment and rust. 

Over time, these build ups can become so overwhelming that water heaters will overwork themselves and crack. Because hot water leaks can cause serious injury, new homeowners and novice handymen alike can find themselves in an unpredictable and volatile situation. 

Signs of a Rusty Water Heater

One of the first signs a water heater has reached the end of its life is by seeing rust-colored water. To confirm a water heater is emitting rusty water, it is good to collect water from the tap while running the hot water only, then repeat water collection with cold water from the tap. If water is discolored from the hot water tap alone, the water heater is responsible, and flushing out the tank might not be enough.

colored water

Apart from sight alone, homeowners usually identify rust in their hot water line by taste and smell. Rust-colored water will put a drab on any occasion. If something like this is noticed, especially during the holidays, it is crucial to get replaced as soon as possible to avoid excess stress in this season's preparations.

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