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The Three Main Signs of In-Home Water Leaks

In-home water leak

How to Spot Water Leak Symptoms 

Spotting a leak is more than seeing puddles of water under the sink. It’s mold and mildew growth. It’s unexplained changes in the water bill. More importantly, it’s spotting soggy drywall and other property damage. This makes recognizing the signs of water leaks (and taking prompt action) crucial. 

Here, homeowners can learn about the not-so-subtle signs of pipe leaks. Doing so allows them to quickly remedy time-sensitive problems and prevent further damage. 

Running Water and Hissing Sounds 

When the faucet, shower, or dishwasher isn’t on, a homeowner should not hear anything (except maybe the air conditioning blowing). No matter how faint, hearing running water or hissing could point to a water leak. 

If one hears these sounds in their home, there’s a simple way to see if the culprit is a water leak. They should first: 

  • Locate their home’s water main. This will either be on the side of the house or near the water meter. 
  • Turn the water main off. This is as simple as turning a knob. One shouldn’t have to use a specialized device to do this. If they do, a homeowner could be looking in the wrong place and reassess the situation. 
  • Return to where the sound was. If the sound persists, this could point to another issue, like a gas leak. If the sound stops, however, there’s no question; the issue is water leaking either behind the wall or near an appliance. 

Water leaks are time-sensitive matters. The more this problem continues, the more damage it will inflict. It’s wise to consult a plumber as soon as possible and get their opinion on the matter. They’ll likely employ techniques like the one listed above to find the problem’s source. 

Low Water Pressure from Faucets and Showerheads 

water Every home relies on water pressure to keep everything running smoothly. The plumbing system creates water pressure by moving water through the system. Narrow pipes, valves, and other components help create this pressure.

Leaks cause poor water pressure because they allow water to leave the system. This affects how pressurized water gets from the water main to the faucet. The poor water pressure will continue until the leak is patched. A plumber may use a variety of techniques to fix this problem. For instance, they may replace the damaged pipe altogether. Or, depending on where the leak is, they may employ trenchless line repair. This allows them to fix the damaged pipe without having to dig up large sections of the front, back, or side yards. 

Higher Water Bills 

billsWard Two County District (the water supplier for Denham Spring) notes that all homeowners must pay a $35.00 fee just to have the water line connected. From there, how much homeowners pay in water bills depends on their usage. For instance, for the first 2,000 gallons, one can expect to pay at least $13.50 (that’s in addition to the $35.00 service fee). 

As one can imagine, the more water the home uses, the more residents will be charged. If one sees a noticeable increase in their water bill, this could point to water escaping the plumbing system via a leak. One can predict how much their water bill will be each month by keeping track of their water meters. If the number is constantly rising, despite no changes in residents’ water consumption, this could point to a leak. 

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