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A Quick Guide to Low Flow and Dual Flush Toilet Benefits

Before investing in new home architecture, it’s important that you have a clear understanding of the unique value the system will bring to the home. This is particularly important when investing in such a crucial home feature such as the toilet.

The system will be used multiple times per day within the home and so it’s critical that you install the ideal product for your family. As leading local plumbers, we’re here to help guide you in making the right choice for your home. And in this latest post, we’ll take a look at the benefits provided by low flow and dual flush toilets.

Value for Money

The return on investment provided by low flow and dual flush toilets is clear. When you take a look at your water bills over the past year, you might find they’ve been rising incrementally. The price of water across the country is rising as resources dwindle due to various economic and environmental factors.

Installing low flow and dual flush toilets help you counteract this environmental challenge. They use less water than the average toilet. In fact, they use just more than two gallons less per flush! This means you’ll save hundreds of dollars per year on water use, which can add up to thousands over the lifetime of the equipment.

Environmental Value

While the value for money these systems provide for your home is clear, many are still looking for a further reason to invest in a new low flow toilet. What about the environmental benefits? By using less water within your home, you can ensure there is more water available in your region.

This helps to protect the local habitats of the region’s animals and ensures that water resources are available for farming and other important applications across the country. You’ll be playing your role in an environmentally-sustainable process that safeguards the country’s green spaces for generations.

What to Consider When Investing in Low Flow Toilets

While you now know the benefits of low-flow toilets in the home, it’s important that you also know the process of buying one. Here are three considerations for investing in a low-flow or dual flush system:

The cost

Review the market options carefully and always get a quote before the installation begins.

The space in the home

The best time to invest in a low flow system is during a whole bathroom renovation project. These systems can help conserve space compared with traditional toilets.

The needs of the family

Look for high-performance options that suit the needs of the entire family. You’ll need to look at different tank sizes depending on the size of your family and the age of your children.

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