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Tips About Water Leak Detection That Make Sense

Did you know that a water leak can waste thousands of gallons of water if it is left untended over time? That can add up to some serious damage and some hefty bills.

There are some signs that you have water leak, like an increase in your water bills, a foul odor in areas of your home, mold growth and sunken patches on your lawn.

If you think that you’ve got a leak, call for a second opinion. In the meantime, you can save yourself time and money if you can source the leak out yourself. Here are a few pointers:

Prevention Tips

Given the amount of stress and costs associated with water damage that comes from a water leak, it’s worth taking some time to keep leaks from happening in the first place.

Check supply lines to your appliances frequently. They wear over time. Look for breakage, wear, or bulging. Inspect your water heater for signs of rust and moisture. Make sure that valves are working well.

Drain the water tank every few months to rid of sediment. Tend to clogs in pipes promptly and look under sinks to check for leaking pipes.

The Impact of Water Damage

You don’t have to experience a flood to experience the negative impact of water damage.

Obviously, water coming in contact with your belongings will damage or destroy them, but water from a leak can do much worse than that.

Mold growing in your home is a serious danger to your family’s health.

Did you know that it only takes between 24 to 48 hours for mold to start to grow after an area gets wet?

Mold needs moisture and nutrients, which is why when water settles on your carpet, wood, or drywall.

It grows so quickly and so fast.

Don’t delay if you have a leak. It needs to be dealt with ASAP.

How to Find the Leak

If you think that you’ve got a leak, be a leak detective and find out where it originated.

Leaks most often appear in your basement or crawl space, because it is the lowest point. Start there.

There are a number of places that water can trickle in from down there, including through your foundation.

Do you see water or hear water running when it is turned off?

Do you see water damage on the ceiling under your bathrooms?

One of your plumbing fixtures is likely leaking.

It could be that the flapper on the toilet is leaking or that the tiles around the tub have failed to keep moisture out.

Look under your sinks. Is there mold growing in the cabinets?

There could be a problem with the pipes.